About the Program

Community Benefits

Norwalk's railroad network is an integral component of its vibrant community—commuters, tourists, and residents rely on the railroad every day for work, pleasure, and convenience. The Program enhances the safety, reliability, and ease of travel throughout Norwalk and beyond with vital improvements and upgrades to the railroad infrastructure. It promotes economic development through infrastructure investment, the protection of potential up-river development, and reduced roadway congestion.

The six associated projects in the Walk Bridge Program are coordinated to take advantage of scheduled track outages and streamline work. This approach reduces rail and local road disruptions, lowers costs, and shortens construction durations that would be necessary to complete the projects individually.

Additionally, there are a range of benefits to the community as part of this Program:

Education & Arts Programs

  • The Program partners with local schools, inviting students to the Welcome Center for STEM-related activities and presentations.
  • The Walk Bridge Program seeks to become a resource, partner, and supporter of the arts in Norwalk with the Arts Program, an initiative designed to celebrate creativity in Norwalk in conjunction with the Program.

The Program is committed to providing Educational STEM Exhibits for the community, focusing on bridge construction and the history of the railroad in Norwalk.

Bike and Pedestrian Accommodations

  • Under-bridge and roadway lighting
  • Extended pedestrian trails with designated bike lanes
  • New and widened sidewalks
  • Interpretive panels installed along the waterfront

N. Water Street Improvements

  • Accommodations for a revitalized wharf area, offering public space with waterfront access and a new city dock
  • Decorative railing across the bridge
  • Increased vertical clearance below the bridge
Revitalized wharf area

Maritime Aquarium

  • Enhanced aquarium exhibits
  • New state-of-art IMAX 4D theater relocated to the north of the bridge

Environmental Benefits

  • Wetland preservation and restoration
  • Wildlife enhancements include sand berms for nesting terrapins and a peregrine falcon nesting box
Wetland Preservation
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