Advanced Utilities Project

Construction work for the Advanced Utilities Project (AUP) is underway and consists of upgrading underground utilities located between Winfield Street and Olmstead Place on East Avenue in East Norwalk, CT.

Construction started in 2021 and should be completed in 2025. East Avenue Utilities will be upgraded and, if necessary, replaced and relocated to accommodate further infrastructure improvements. Commuters and residents in the vicinity of East Avenue in East Norwalk can expect the following upgrades to underground utilities:

  • New electrical, cable TV, fiber trunk line wires in East Norwalk
  • Lower telephone conduits under East Avenue bridge
  • New sewer pipe and water main under East Avenue bridge
  • Replace City communication fiber on a new route, providing improved redundancy


Advanced Utility Camera

East Avenue looking at the Advanced Utilities Project


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Advanced Utility Project

AUP At A Glance

Start of Construction: August 2021

Anticipated Construction Duration: 4 Years