TIME-2 Projects


The TIME-2 Projects comprise several local railroad bridges and infrastructure improvements on or near the Metro-North Railroad (MNR) New Haven Line in East Norwalk, CT. 

Packaging the TIME-2 Projects together allows the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to take advantage of two-track outages on the New Haven Line during the WALK Bridge Replacement Project.

Time-2 Projects

Fort Point Street Railroad Bridge

The Fort Point Street Railroad Bridge is replaced with a 42-foot, four-track span, increasing the roadway width while preserving the existing vertical clearance. Roadway realignment on Fort Point Street includes realigning Fort Point Street with South Smith Street - creating a T-intersection with improved sightlines. Highlights include widened travel lanes, new sidewalks, and additional bike lanes to improve safety and reliability for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.


East Avenue Railroad Bridge Project

The East Avenue Railroad Bridge Project includes the replacement of the 100-year-old span. Horizontal clearance under the Bridge widens to approximately 58 feet while vertical clearance increases from 12 feet 2 inches to 14 feet 3 inches.

Osborne Avenue Railroad Bridge

The Osborne Avenue Railroad Bridge Project includes a new superstructure and rehabilitates the substructure while maintaining the current vertical and horizontal clearances.

Strawberry Hill Avenue Bridge Project

The Strawberry Hill Avenue Bridge Project includes the rehabilitation of the railroad bridge superstructure.

East Avenue Roadway Lowering

East Avenue roadway lowering between Fort Point Street and Winfield Street includes widening approximately 1,600 feet of East Avenue with drainage improvements and new, wider sidewalks on both sides. East Avenue will be lowered, allowing for increased vertical clearance and new travel lanes, increasing capacity to four 10-foot lanes under the railroad bridge.

Upgrades to the East Norwalk Train Station

Upgrades to the East Norwalk Train Station include increased commuter parking on both sides of the tracks. The station platforms on the north and south are extended to accommodate six train cars in both directions.

Retaining Wall (Wall 427) Project

A retaining wall will be replaced and installed adjacent to the New Haven Line between Strawberry Hill Avenue and East Avenue as part of the Retaining Wall (Wall 427) Project. 

The construction schedule and timeframe for the various TIME-2 projects are being updated and will be available soon.

The TIME-2 Projects are part of TIME FOR CT – a statewide initiative for Connecticut's safe, reliable, and faster train service. TIME is an acronym for Track Improvement, Mobility and Enhancement. Packaging the TIME-2 Projects together improves service while minimizing customer and community disruptions.

For more information about TIME FOR CT, please visit:https://timeforct.com